About Us

Diagnostic Radiology Services is one of the oldest diagnostic imaging clinics in Barbados. Established in 1980’s, the clinic maintains ultra- modern technology for radiological examinations. The professional staff of radiologists and technologists is committed to providing quality care in an environment that respects your needs.

Diagnostic Radiology Services operates from four locations – Beckles Road, Sunset Crest, Warrens and Coverley. Our original location is the Beckles Road Headquarters, St. Paul’s Avenue. Our newest branch is in Coverley.

Our Sunset Crest Clinic operates on a technology called Teleradiology. This is the process of sending x-ray images via digital computerized transmission, typically over standard telephone lines, wide area network (WAN) or over a local area network (LAN).

Teleradiology allows our images to be viewed at any viewing station including the Beckles Road office and the residences of our radiologists thus allowing for 24-hour access to radiological reports. That translates to timely and efficient patient diagnosis and expedites the process of patient care. All of our digital imaging services e.g. x-ray, ultrasound and CT are available on a 24-hour on-call emergency basis weekends and holidays.