What is it?

This is a radiological examination which allows investigation of the entire colon.

How is it performed?

During the examination, barium is introduced into the colon via the rectum. This outlines the anatomy and highlights any pathology if any. For the examination to be most accurate, it is absolutely important that the colon be cleansed.

How do I prepare?

On the day before your examination:

  1. Have liquids only. This may include tea, coffee, juice, Sprite, water. Clear soup and coconut water are also permitted. Drink every hour or whenever hungry.
  2. Take two Dulcolax tablets at 8am on the morning of the day prior to the exam.
  3. Take four (4) tablespoons of Milk of Magnesia at 6pm on each of two evenings prior to exam. Bowel must be completely clear of stool. If not, more Milk of magnesia can be taken.

On the day of your examination:

  1. You may have a glass of clear fluid 1 hour prior to morning exam.